24 Feb

Bitcoin crash causes $ 5.3 billion to sell off in 24 hours

The correction started by Bitcoin (BTC) has caused a colossal liquidation over the last 24 hours: more than $ 5.3 billion. The volatility in the markets is extreme, as Bitcoin carries altcoins in its fall.

Massive market liquidation

Since yesterday, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) began a significant correction, going from nearly $ 57,500 to $ 48,000 at the time of writing. Bitcoin Future even printed the largest hourly candle in its history, with an amplitude of $ 6,400 .

This situation caused a massive liquidation on the platforms. The Bybt data aggregator estimated that over 600 000 traders have been liquidated over the last 24 hours, combining them all a loss of more than 5.3 billion .

The majority of the liquidated orders are unsurprisingly long orders , that is to say they bet on the rise of cryptocurrencies. The vast majority of these liquidations relate to Bitcoin ($ 2.35 billion). The queen of cryptocurrencies is followed by Ether ($ 1.28 billion) then Litecoin and Ripple’s XRP ($ 200 million each).

Other cryptocurrencies like Binance’s BNB, Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT) and EOS totaled over $ 500 million in liquidated positions.

Here is the breakdown of liquidations according to the platforms:

A curiosity at FTX

According to the data presented above, Binance has a total of $ 2.3 billion in liquidated orders, which is more than 44% of the total . Next comes Huobi with $ 1.3 billion and then OKEx with $ 720 million. Almost all platforms have the same ratio of liquidated long / short orders. That is to say that many more orders long as orders shorts are involved in liquidation.

Oddly enough, FTX traders seem much less optimistic about the rise in Bitcoin. The cumulative values ​​of long and short orders liquidated on the platform are almost the same, unlike other platforms where the difference is much more marked.

Note that the record for the largest liquidation goes to a Huobi user, for an order worth $ 20.66 million .

With volatility still as high today, liquidations should continue to follow until the situation stabilizes. The market is in full euphoria and the price of Bitcoin is still seeking its direction. Care should be taken if you are using futures contracts, a sudden liquidation is quick to happen .